Mr. Makhdoom Khusro Bakhtiar

Federal Minister for MoPD&R

Mr. Makhdoom Khusro Bakhtiar

He graduated from the University of Punjab in 1990, and received an LLB (Hons.) degree in 1994 from the London School of Economics and Political Science and a Bar-at-Law degree from Lincoln's Inn United Kingdom in 1995.

The government was all set to make human development, public health, women and child health, nutrition, water resources and dams, youth, female education, promotion of small scale and large scale business for the youth, inviting more investment and promotion of tourism across the countries are top priorities of the PTI government and vision of the Prime Minister of Pakistan. The economic and domain experts from the ministry of PDR have to work hard to achieve goals and for this purpose they are under obligation to devise short term and long term strategy with clearly defined milestones. The ministry has to focus only on taking the new initiatives but they have to ensure qualitative delivery and ensure measures which save public money in a cost effective manner.


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